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Business Coaching for New Entrepreneurs

Designed specifically for entrepreneurs, consultants, private practitioners, coaches and others who are ready to launch or have just created their startup or entrepreneurial venture, and want empowering support and guidance to lead, manage, and grow their businesses profitably and successfully…

Join Mark Grant, Ph.D. — a nationally-recognized career, leadership and business coach and expert – in an empowering Entrepreneurial Success Coaching program that help you create success and fulfillment in your new venture.


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This intensive, laser-focused coaching program draws on Marc’s high-level marketing and management experience as a corporate Vice President, his own experience building his business and brand, his training as a career coach, executive and leadership developer, his Forbes coverage of career topics and trends, and his 10 years of research and coaching/advising over 10,000 entrepreneurs to overcome the challenges they face in achieving the highest degree of success, fulfillment and meaning in their careers and businesses.

Entrepreneurial Success Coaching With Marc Grant Focuses On These Key Areas:

  • Understanding your company’s mission, vision, purpose and USP

  • Articulating your brand and how you stand apart from the competition

  • Developing sound marketing, business and development strategies and tactics to pave the way for success

  • Leveraging your financial resources wisely

  • Building strong partnerships and passionate ambassadors for your business

  • Creating new content and leveraging that content to make more money

  • Managing your time, staff, and resources effectively

  • Understanding the key sales and marketing strategies that are necessary for your growth

  • Speaking, writing, publishing and networking to expand your platform and widen your reach

Here's What Entrepreneurs Are Saying About Marc's Coaching Program


Irene McCovern

“Marc is amazing! I had 4 sessions with him over a month and a half and I achieved more personal development during that time than I have in the past 4 years. I carried out a handful of action items that my former self NEVER would have done. Her no-nonsense demeanor was extremely helpful in keeping me motivated and accountable. I highly recommend working with Marc.”


Eric Walker

“Marc Grant is a leader’s leader. His ability to instantly connect, ask the perfect questions, and get to the heart of an issue is unmatched and can’t be overstated. I’m grateful to be on his show again to talk about one-degree shifts and building a more intentional future. This conversation was really important to me. I’m grateful to have Marc as a friend, mentor, and coach.”

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Marc helps entrepreneurs create the most success and fulfillment possible — as leaders and managers, role models, and business owners – assisting them to hone a powerful vision for their business success, and make that vision a reality.

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